# Carousels

The v-carousel component is used to display large numbers of visual content on a rotating timer.

# Usage

The v-carousel component expands upon v-window by providing additional features targeted at displaying images.


# Examples

# Props

# Custom delimiters

Use any available icon as your carousel’s slide delimiter.

# Cycle

With the cycle prop you can have your slides automatically transition to the next available every 6s (default).

# Hide controls

You can hide the carousel navigation controls with :show-arrows="false". Or you can make them only appear on hover with show-arrows="hover".

# Customized arrows

Arrows can be customized by using prev and next slots.

# Hide delimiters

You can hide the bottom controls with hide-delimiters prop.

# Progress

You can show a linear progress bar with the progress prop. It will indicate how far into the cycle the carousel currently is.

# Model

You can control carousel with v-model.

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