# Chip groups

The v-chip-group supercharges the v-chip component by providing groupable functionality. It is used for creating groups of selections using chips.

# Usage

Chip groups make it easy for users to select filtering options for more complex implementations. By default v-chip-group will overflow to the right but can be changed to a column only mode.


# Examples

# Props

# Column

Chip groups with column prop can wrap their chips.

# Filter results

Easily create chip groups that provide additional feedback with the filter prop. This creates an alternative visual style that communicates to the user that the chip is selected.

# Mandatory

Chip groups with mandatory prop must always have a value selected.

# Multiple

Chip groups with multiple prop can have many values selected.

# Misc

# Product card

The v-chip component can have an explicit value used for its model. This gets passed to the v-chip-group component and is useful for when you don’t want to use the chips index as their values.

# Toothbrush card

Chip groups allow the creation of custom interfaces that perform the same actions as an item group or radio controls, but are stylistically different.

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