The v-menu component shows a menu at the position of the element used to activate it.


Remember to put the element that activates the menu in the activator slot.




Absolute position

Menus can also be placed absolutely on top of the activator element using the absolute prop. Try clicking anywhere on the image.

Absolute position without activator

Menus can also be used without an activator by using absolute together with the props position-x and position-y. Try right-clicking anywhere on the image.

With the new v-slot syntax, nested activators such as those seen with a v-menu and v-tooltip attached to the same activator button, need a particular setup in order to function correctly. Note: this same syntax is used for other nested activators such as v-dialog w/ v-tooltip.


Menus can be accessed using hover instead of clicking with the open-on-hover prop.

Menus can be placed within almost any component.

Custom transitions

Vuetify comes with 3 standard transitions, scale, slide-x and slide-y. You can also create your own and pass it as the transition argument. For an example of how the stock transitions are constructed, visit here.

Popover menu

A menu can be configured to be static when opened, allowing it to function as a popover. This can be useful when there are multiple interactive items within the menu contents.

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