# Slide groups

The v-slide-group component is used to display pseudo paginated information. It uses v-item-group at its core and provides a baseline for components such as v-tabs and v-chip-group.

# Usage

Similar to the v-window component, v-slide-group lets items to take up as much space as needed, allowing the user to move horizontally through the provided information.


# Examples

# Props

# Active class

active-class prop allows you to pass a class to customize the active items.

# Center active

Using the center-active prop will make the active item always centered.

# Custom icons

You can add your custom pagination icons instead of arrows using the next-icon and prev-icon props.

# Mandatory

the mandatory prop will make the slide group require at least 1 item must be selected.

# Multiple

You can select multiple items by setting the multiple prop.

# Misc