The sparkline component can be used to create simple graphs, like GitHub's contribution chart.

Any SVG attribute may be used in addition to the ones listed below.


The sparkline component comes in 2 variations, trend(default) and bar. Each support a multitude of options for customizing the look and feel of the sparkline.




Take a break

For concise information, a complete chart might be overkill. Using a trend line with gradient provides enough detail for the user without showing too much information.

Dashboard card

The v-sparkline component pairs nicely with v-card and v-sheet to create customized information cards, perfect for admin dashboards. Here we use custom labels to provide additional context for the sparkline.

Custom labels

By providing a scoped slot label, we are able to modify the displayed content adding a dollar sign ($). This slot is exclusively for text content. For more information on the svg <text> element, navigate here.


You can create a v-sparkline with fill using the fill property.

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