The v-treeview component is useful for displaying large amounts of nested data.


A basic example




Searching a directory

Easily filter your treeview by using the search prop. You can easily apply your custom filtering function if you need case-sensitive or fuzzy filtering by setting the filter prop. This works similar to the v-autocomplete component.

Scoped slots

Using scoped slots we are able to create an intuitive file explorer. Apart from the prepend slot, there is also one for the label, and an append slot.

Async items

You can dynamically load child data by supplying a Promise callback to the load-children prop. This callback will be executed the first time a user tries to expand an item that has a children property that is an empty array.

Custom selectable icons

Customize the on, off and indeterminate icons for your selectable tree. Combine with other advanced functionality like API loaded items.

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