# Windows

The v-window component provides the baseline functionality for transitioning content from one pane to another. Other components such as v-tabs, v-carousel and v-stepper utilize this component at their core.

# Usage

Designed to easily cycle through content, v-window provides a simple interface to create custom implementations.


# Examples

# Props

# Show arrows

By default no arrows are displayed. You can change this by adding the show-arrows prop. If you set the prop value to "hover", they will only show when you mouse over the window.

# Reverse

The reverse prop will reverse the transitions

# Direction

You can change the transition to vertical using the direction prop

# Customized arrows

Arrows can be customized by using prev and next slots.

# Misc

# Account creation

Create rich forms with smooth animations. v-window automatically tracks the current selection index to change the transition direction.

# Onboarding

v-window makes it easy to create custom components such as a differently styled stepper.

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