# Upgrade Guide

# Introduction

This page contains a detailed list of breaking changes and the steps required to upgrade your application to Vuetify 3.0

# Setup

  • Vuetify class removed, use createVuetify function
// 2.x

const vuetify = new Vuetify({ ... })

const app = new Vue({

// 3.0
const app = createVue()

const vuetify = createVuetify({ ... })

  • Something about importing styles?

# Features

# Layout

# Theme

# Components

# General changes

  • light and dark props have been removed from all components. Use theme prop instead
  • value prop has been replaced by model-value on components that support v-model usage
  • @input event has been replaced by @update:model-value on components that support v-model usage

# v-alert

  • border prop values left and right have been replaced by start and end
  • colored-border prop has been replaced by border-color
  • dismissable prop has been replaced by closeable
  • outlined and text props have been replaced by single prop variant
  • text prop has new purpose. It represents the text content of the alert, if default slot is not used

# v-app

  • id prop has been removed