The layout system is the heart of every application. Below are the officially supported examples, ranging from desktop to mobile applications.

Default application markup

This is an example of the default application markup for Vuetify. You can place your layout elements anywhere, as long as you apply the app property. The key component in all of this is the v-content element. This will be dynamically sized depending upon the structure of your designated app components. This allows you to create extremely customized solutions.

  <v-navigation-drawer app></v-navigation-drawer>
  <v-toolbar app></v-toolbar>
    <v-container fluid>
  <v-footer app></v-footer>

All about app

In Vuetify, the v-app component and the app help bootstrap your application with the proper sizing around v-content. This allows you to create truly unique interfaces without the hassle of managing your layout. The v-app component is REQUIRED for all applications. This is the mount point for many of Vuetify’s components and functionality.